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Private intelligence agency – 2WIB

The best solution for security threat management

2WIB is a private intelligence agency with extensive experience in analysing information and managing and resolving threats to the security and interests of both companies and individuals. We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon and offer a wide range of specialised private security services, including business intelligence, investigation, consultancy and training, corporate crisis management, logistics, asset protection and bodyguards, as well as the implementation of security-related technology.

Our services are carried out by a team of leading professionals who are experts in their field, with international experience in State Security Forces and Authorities and the Army. We have the capacity to take on, manage and successfully complete large projects, both at home and abroad. In addition, ongoing training of our staff and constant updating of our technical resources and equipment guarantee success in any situation.

At 2WIB we are committed to offering the best private intelligence services. We have a network of local and international specialists and we find the solution to crisis scenarios affecting companies trading in Spain, Portugal or abroad.

Among our private security services we can highlight:

We also offer consultancy services, including risk analysis, technical assistance in risk areas and training


If you need more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing quick, effective solutions to situations of utmost tension.

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