Our investigation service aims to find detailed and accurate information for both companies and individuals We treat each case on its own merits but with the same dedication.

This department has extensive experience in the field of both human and digital investigation and is equipped with the most advanced tools and technologies to ensure the success of the investigations.

HUMINT: Information gathering and analysis

The HUMINT Service (HUMan INTelligence) is designed to obtain information so that our clients are in the best possible position to take the right decisions in each situation.

Asset investigation and economic crimes

This department is made up of economists and lawyers specialised in tax and international law who, working with our detectives, form a multidisciplinary and highly efficient team to carry out this type of investigation.

Investigations of assets and economic crimes are focused on the search for and analysis of information to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, economic crimes, concealment of assets and possible asset stripping.

This service is essential for law firms working on cases involving fraud, economic crimes and disputes, as it provides a complete understanding of a person’s or company’s assets and liabilities, so they can make informed and strategic decisions during the legal process.

OSINT investigation

OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) investigation is based on the search and analysis of information from public and open sources, such as social media, websites and public databases, among others. Our team uses advanced techniques to collect and analyse this information, so we can obtain relevant and useful data for our clients.

SOCMINT investigation

SOCMINT (SOCial Media INTelligence) investigation focuses on the collection and analysis of information only from Social Media. Our team uses advanced analytics and monitoring tools and methods to search, analyse and track accurate information on social media, thus obtaining valuable data about a person’s or company’s online activities.

Headhunters and HR professionals can benefit greatly from SOCMINT investigation services. In a highly competitive job market, it is essential for headhunters to find the best candidates for job vacancies. With social media and online profiles becoming an increasingly important part of an individual’s digital footprint, headhunters have a unique opportunity to use these sources of information to gain deeper insight into a candidate. SOCMINT investigation services can help headhunters discover important details about a candidate. y analysing the information available online, headhunters can make more informed and safer hiring decisions, so they can identify the best candidates for a given position.

SOCMINT investigation services are essential for headhunters and HR professionals who wish to enhance their ability to assess suitable candidates for a company.

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