Provision of access control services in hotels and buildings

Provision of services in hotels

In this business division we have a team of Service Assistants and Entry Guards that make 2WIB a benchmark in the Hotel sector.

In the hotel sector, 2WIB has a strong presence in luxury hotels in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Our commitment to excellence and quality in each of our services has enabled us to build lasting relationships with our clients. We are always at the forefront of the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the protection and well-being of hotel guests and staff.

Access control in buildings and construction sites with advanced technology

We offer ancillary services as well as qualified Entry Guards for new buildings, refurbished buildings and civil engineering works. Our main objective is to prevent squatting, vandalism and theft in these areas and to ensure the protection of our clients’ corporate assets.

Electronic sweeps and countermeasures service

When providing our countermeasures services, we use the most advanced technical equipment from the best brands in the world today, such as those from Russia, the USA, Israel, the UK and others.

Electronic countermeasures

To perform electronic sweeping and countermeasures services, we have teams throughout Spain and Portugal who can travel to wherever we are needed. We have a wide range of technical equipment from different countries, which we use to detect, in some cases, the location of the device depending on the signal it emits, such as hidden microphones, hidden cameras, phone tapping, GPS tracking and devices in offices, homes, vehicles, hotels, and other environments.

Specific countermeasure training

Our own countermeasure experts give specific training courses with the materials acquired by our clients in order to get the best possible performance from them.

Our training is unrivalled by any other company in Spain, hence we can provide our clients with a quality, reliable and effective service in the detection and neutralisation of spying and bugging devices.

Cyber Security Service

We work discreetly and professionally to protect the privacy of our clients and respect the confidentiality of the information obtained.

Protection against information theft and fraud

This unit is designed to protect our clients against information theft, fraud, espionage and misappropriation of confidential information in the digital environment. This Cyber Security service is essential for companies and individuals seeking to protect their interests and guarantee the security of their information in the digital world.

Drone services

Drone Services

We work hard to customise each service according to the specific needs of our clients.

Autonomous surveillance and rapid incident response

We offer drone security services, which allow us to perform pre-configured autonomous surveillance and therefore respond to different incidents quickly and efficiently. Our drones are equipped with high resolution, thermal cameras, allowing us to transmit high quality images in real time to the control desk, facilitating patrolling and responding to incidents, offences or threats. With the use of drones, we expand the area of coverage, improve effectiveness and increase the speed of response.

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