2WIB is a company specialising in Intelligence. As such, our training courses are aimed at a very specific audience, including members of the State Security Forces and Authorities (Ministry of the Interior), Army, Air Force and Navy (Ministry of Defence), Diplomatic Service (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and any accredited Private Security professional who wants to learn new techniques to add to those they may already know.

Training courses

Information gathering techniques: These include OSINT and HUMINT techniques, how to search for information, how to obtain it, how to analyse it and, most importantly, how to present it in a report.

Interrogations/interviews and non-verbal language: We offer training services in interrogation or interviewing techniques in which verbal and non-verbal language are fundamental in providing information about the truthfulness of the answers received. While verbal language can be misleading, non-verbal language can provide clues about a person

Surveillance: This refers to static observation points. We teach techniques to use and take advantage of the terrain so that our clients can adapt to it well.

Tailing: Not being detected when tailing in a vehicle and/or on foot is crucial. We train people in tailing techniques in different urban, rural or hostile environments.

Counter-surveillance: We teach counter-surveillance techniques in order to detect if we are being followed or targeted by something or someone.

Countermeasures: it is essential to know if we are being watched, if we are a target. Today we are extremely vulnerable, not only physically but also digitally. We can be spied on from anywhere. We need to know how to take the necessary countermeasures to avoid or minimise the threat as much as possible.

Source acquisition and retention: How do we approach a person we are interested in so that they pass on information? Once we have it, how can we keep it? These are the big questions to be answered. We share the answers to them in a specialisation course.

Operational and strategic intelligence course

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