Criminal investigation



2WIB – WORLDWIDE INTELLIGENCE BASE, offers services in Criminal Investigation (Forensic Science). This is the science that deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of physical and digital evidence to solve criminal cases such as document forgery, signature verification, forensic data analytics, DNA and fingerprinting, among other specialist areas.

We offer a wide range of expert services to help solve criminal cases. These include:

Handwriting Analysis

We offer handwriting analysis services to check whether a signature on an official document is genuine or forged. Our experts can determine whether a signature is legitimate by analysing the slant, pressure and spacing of the letters in the signature, among other characteristic features imperceptible to the human eye.

Forensic Graphology Services

Graphology is a technique used to obtain information about the personality of the person who has produced a handwritten document. Offices that provide psychology and psychiatry services and prison facilities request this service most, to try to help them understand the patient and/or prisoner.

Ballistic Forensics

We offer expert services that include the analysis of firearms and ammunition to determine whether a specific weapon was used in a crime or to link a specific weapon to a crime scene. Using advanced evidence analysis techniques, our experts can identify the calibre of a bullet and the make and model of a firearm.

Counter-expert or expert witness

A counter-expert carries out an audit of the expert’s report prepared by other professionals or bodies, during which the procedures, processes and materials used in the first or base expert’s report are investigated. We ensure that our clients receive a detailed and accurate analysis of the evidence presented in each court case.

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