Risk and threat analysis is a process used to identify and assess potential risks and threats that may affect a company or project, and to take preventive measures to minimise their negative effects. The main objective of risk analysis is to prevent or mitigate potential risks and protect business assets.

The risk analysis process involves identification and assessment of potential risks and threats that may affect the company, assessment of the likelihood of these risks materialising and assessment of the consequences should they occur.

Once the risk assessment has been carried out, a business security strategy tailored to the specific needs of each client is developed to minimise or prevent the negative effects of the identified risks.


Crisis management is a set of processes and strategies used to prepare for and respond to critical situations. A crisis is an unforeseen or unexpected situation that can have significant consequences for an organisation, including loss of life, disruption of operations and/or loss of organisational reputation.

Crises can take many forms, including natural disasters, security incidents, technology system failures, supply chain disruptions, and legal or regulatory problems, among others. Regardless of the cause, crises often have a significant impact on the organisation and require a rapid and effective response.

It is important for any organisation to have up-to-date and well-defined crisis management plans in place to minimise the impact of crises and protect the organisation’s reputation and assets.

We implement exhaustive protocols in which we can form a crisis committee in any company, at any time and in any part of the world with the necessary professionals to resolve the crisis.


At 2WIB, we offer Technical Assistance services in Risk Zones to provide our customers with the security and peace of mind they need when operating in unstable regions around the globe. We provide real-time information analysis services to help make decisions and minimise the risks associated with operating in critical areas.

We understand that some regions offer fantastic growth opportunities for organisations, but insecurity in these areas can be a major obstacle.

We have a wide range of partners in specific parts of the world, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively to international incidents.

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